ASL Bank

Hands 4 Learning holds the largest bank of amazingly human-like "Little ASL Signers" created by animator, Brian Gadberry. There are over 500 American Sign Language signs within the bank for use in the creation of your own custom ASL Handouts.

The Hands 4 Learning site is geared toward children 0-8 years old and those that work with them to educate and enhance learning, communication and augment behavioral experiences. Everyone is welcome!

Kids are concrete people and enjoy learning signs and want to have a sign for everything. American Sign Language, the language of the Deaf, is a concept language and perfect for everyone - especially pre-verbal and non-verbal children. As kids grow with their signing abilities and begin incorporating their spoken vocabulary for communication, they seek a sign for EVERYTHING!

Hands 4 Learning, LLC discourages anyone from making up their own signs as ASL provides those needed for early communication. Preschoolers want a sign for everything they touch. In a few instances within the ASL Bank, we have borrowed regional and/or SEE (Signing Exact English- not a language) signs to reduce frustration teachers, parents and the kiddos themselves may experience, not being able to fingerspell non-signed words or objects.

"Using the Hands 4 Learning ASL Bank, I can prep in minutes compared to the hours I used to prep for my community ASL classes."
Karen Horvath CI/CT
Certified Infant Sign Instructor
INSource RPR
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