Curriculum Creator

Love to write curriculum?  Hate to write curriculum?  The Curriculum Creator is where you want to be!  Whether you already have a current curriculum or choose to implement “Learning Onsite”, the Curriculum Creator is perfect.  It can be utilized as a supplement to existing lesson plans AND provide you with the flexibility of the “Learning Onsite” style.  Using interactive templates, begin by sorting through subject matter material based on one or a combination of topics.  From color or opposites to the Desired Results guide or developmental stages based on age or ability, you’ll begin your journey to your perfect lesson plan.  Complete with “Hello and Good-bye Songs”, the Curriculum Creator counts down the minutes you fill with your own brand of fun.  You may chose the time frame of 45 minute, 60 minute or 75 minute templates – or simply gather the activities you’re looking for to create a fun afternoon with learning and laughing.

Curriculum Creator offers hundreds of activities including but not limited to Sing-a-long Songs, Circle Activities, Rhythm Chants, Finger-Plays, Craft Time (complete with directions and needs list), Music & Movement songs, Partner-Plays, Sounds for Listening Skills, Object Recognition Activities and more amazing fun!  If you come across a download you’re not familiar with, you may ask for a Demo Clip.  This will help your learn and understand the activity or song for teaching and modeling this to the children you work with.


After you’re satisfied with your customized lesson plan, the Curriculum Creator will ask you a very important question… “Would you like to drop your Logo in?”  Providing you with a wonderful resource of activities that looks professional complete with your own logo.