As many things in life, Hands 4 Learning evolved out of the necessity for relevant, developmentally sound, language rich and totally fun curriculum supported by all the trimmings.  The creators have extensive backgrounds in amazingly diverse fields.  In bringing each one's strengths to this collaborative effort it has revolutionized the curriculum experience.


KELLY ENGLISH, MA Human Behavior
Kelly English earned her Bachelors Degree in Communication and Masters Degree in Human Behavior.  Kelly has been utilizing her knowledge and background in American Sign Language in training Childcare Professionals and Parents how to create communication rich environments focusing on effective communication and vocabulary development with infants, toddlers and school aged children.  A favored, innovative and entertaining speaker, Kelly is regularly requested as a Presenter for Early Childhood Development Conferences.


NICKIE GAEL, Early Childhood Educator & Interventionist
Nickie has been working with children as an Early Childhood Interventionist for over 17 years.  A forte' of Nickie's, is her pioneering development in the concept of "Directed Free Play" emphasizing parent-child and child-child interaction within a playgroup setting.  A true gift of hers is curriculum writing as well as training professionals in the area of playgroup advancement.  Nickie has earned her degree in Elementary Education specializing in American Sign Language.


Brian is not only a wonderful animator, he is also an amazing pen and ink artist as well as a proficient computer wiz!  After attending an advanced technical High School program for gifted individuals within computer graphics and technology, Brian earned his Bachelor's degree in animation from International Academy of Design and Technology in Florida.  Brian is the creator of the Hands 4 Learning "Little Signers" used on and for the Hands 4 Learning site and materials. Brian has been animating and creating entertaining characters for nearly 10 years and enjoys every stroke of individuality he puts to paper and the screen.


MARIA RODRIGUEZ, Level 5 Interpreter/Translator-Spanish
Born in Mexico, Maria moved to California around the age of 10 years old.  As a volunteer translator, Maria assist doctors communicate to the Spanish-speaking parents of the patients at Children's Hospital Central California.  Maria is well versed in a number of Spanish and Mexican dialects and is remarkably proficient with the cumbersome medical terminology she deals with on a daily basis.  Maria translates our Hands 4 Learning resources into Spanish - mucho pronto!

 “Utilizing American Sign Language in the Classroom Setting has been a wonderfully rewarding and enriching process for the students and me as their instructor.”
Petrina Bainard, ASL Instructor & Mother