Research Sites

In a continuous fashion, Hands 4 Learning and its Subscribers search and research useful web sites and helpful books and article information to share with those wanting to know more.  Take a look at and feel free to utilize the Research Sites section available to anyone perusing the Hands 4 Learning site.  If you come across an interesting bit of information - please let us know and we'll try to include it under this section.


Additional Online ASL Dictionaries

University of Michigan  Free Online ASL Dictionary


ASL Pro  Free Online ASL Dictionary


Signing Savvy  Member based Online ASL Dictionary

Signing in Educational Settings

Dr. Marilyn Daniels Excellent research and books for the integration of American Sign Language into the Classroom setting.


Deaf Diversity   Great resources for the whole family and wonderful books for the classroom setting.


Language Development Program  Interactive and proactive language development system for families and childcare professionals.


Sign2Connect  Sign2Connect offers American Sign Language training courses and CEU's in Central California.


Early Literacy

ASL & Reading  Carney, J., Cioffi, G., and Raymond, W. (Spring 1985). Using Sign Language For Teaching Sight Words. Teaching Exceptional Children. 214-217.


Dr. Marilyn Daniels Excellent research and books for utilizing of American Sign Language for early literacy.


Reading & Spelling Systems  Simitaneuos Multisensory Phonemic Awareness curriculum for teaching individuals with Dyslexia how to read and spell.


National Institute of Health  This site will give a better understanding of what Dyslexia is and how it affects individuals.


Signing with Babies

Sign2Connect  offers Parent/Infant classes throughout the Central California  area.


ABC Me Sign offers Parent/Infant classes through the Orange County are in Southern California.


Signshine offers Parent/Infant classes throughout the West Los Angeles County area in Southern California.


Dr. Joseph Garcia  Dr. Garcia the creator and author of the "Sign with your Baby" program.


Color of Language  Products for families with Deaf members.


Signing Time  Great products for signing with infants and young children.


Special Needs Children

Downs Syndrome     Supported through the Hanen Program     

Signing & Downs     Hopmann, Marita R., (1993) The Use of Signs by Children with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome Today Volume 2, Number 2, 22-3     

Apraxia  Informational site regarding children and Apraxia          


Autism         American Sign Language and children with Autism