Early Childhood Educator Workshops & Training Opportunities
Playgroups: Moving Beyond Freeplay:
       Increase the effectiveness of your playgroup. Discover strategues to integrate development, parnent education, literacy and early intervention into your program with budget-friendly activities designed to increase child development and parent participation. This workshop will provide participants with information on the components of building ab efective playgroup program that incorporates activities that enhance child development, early intervention and parent-child interaction.
Connecting Through Sign:
       ASL for Childcare and Classroom Management. Increase the learning opportunities and abilities within the childcare, classroom and home visitation environments. Learn an innovative way to compound child participation and educational outcomes, while decreasing noise, frustration and behavior issues. Management, problem solving, encouragement, transition and play signs will be learned and practiced through games, songs and ASL book reading. Participants will receive instruction for the use of 75+ American Sign Language Signs.
The Whole Child - Every Child:
       The Way We Learn. Explore the learning styles and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Find out how understanding each style will make you a more effective teacher reaching all the children in your classroom. Learn what works and why what you may be doing currently - doesn't! This workshop provides you with the steps, keys and activities to make learning possible for each child. Essential Play... that is FUN!. Fresh Ideas & Activities
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